Baia Blanca



Ricettario – BAIABLANCA is a week of residence, construction and celebration during which the space of BAIABLANCA, the famous discotheque abandoned at Levice, was inhabited and transformed.
Together with Collectif Etc, Super Terrain, Mikaëla Giry of Frida Mortimer and students and professionals coming from different areas of Italy we founded a research laboratory to study the anomaly of BAIABLANCA, a Mexican fazenda in the middle of the Piedmontese Alta Langa.
During the week the small town of Levice hosted various activities to discuss the future of internal areas and the event “Ricettario”, in which we shared together with Collectif Etc, Temporiuso and Banca del Fare, contemporary methodologies to re-inhabit and rebuild abandoned spaces.

The project has been developed together with a.titolo Torino, Comitato Matrice in synergy with the Municipality of Levice the “consulta della Baia” and the local Pro Loco.


reactivation of an abandoned public building




September 2019


a.titolo Torino


Ex discoteca BAIABLANCA, Levice (CN), Italia


Riccardo Angius, Collectif Etc

In collaboration with

con: Collectif Etc, Super Terrain, Mikaëla Giry, Nicholas Sabena, Riccardo Angius, Jacopo Magrini, Serena Mayta Olivieri, Carlotta Gerbino, Andrea Pusineri, Venetia Long, Emanuele Meloni, Valentina Geraci, Paolo Bianco, Agnese Caprioli, Valentin Bauberger

Ricettario's guests

Collectif Etc, Temporiuso, Banca del Fare, Rita Elvira Adamo “le Seppie”, Luigi Vitelli

Technical Sponsors

Viglietta Matteo s.p.a., OM project, Vibel group

Istitutional partners

Municipality of Levice

publicspace, workshop