Barricata (XYZ)

OPP - Energie U18

Barricata (XYZ)

The project starts from the study of a three-dimensional iron joint (XYZ) that allows the creation of a modular, open, intuitive, replicable and simple wooden structure.

The use of the joint has given us the ability to think, design and build very quickly (only two days) an open structure directly on site: a counter for reception, a resting area and, if necessary, a mobile scenography at the entrance to Farm Cultural Park.

The work on the “Farm” entry, proposed by the curators of the project and by Andrea Bartoli, became (provocatively) the pretext to affirm “democratically” the public role of “Farm” and the Bencivegna courtyard in the socio-cultural context of Favara. For the entire community of Favara “Farm Cultural Park” is already a cultural centre, a non-institutional reality of promotion and production of contemporary art and architecture. Citizenship must now become an active part of this process of development and growth for the entire community interest: please, go across the “Barricade”!

The “Barricade” is a symbol, a message of how the goals achieved with “collective” effort are not given and day by day they have to be cultivated and protected.

Our idea was to create a major mobile structure, the “Barricade”, filter and chilling area at the entrance of the courtyard.

A stack of wooden frame items, 2 bookstores, 3 seats, a low table and a cart make up the “Barricade”. In addition to its natural function as a point of information and itinerant display, the cart can also be used for transportation of other facilities, which takes place two times a day within the bookshop.


setting for OPP - Energie U18




May 2017


Farm Cultural Park


Favara, Italy



installations, products, publicspace