Design Nomade - BASE Design Week Milano 2017

BLUR – Design Nomade

Exhibit Design for the “Nomad Design” exhibition – Milan Design Week 2017 @ BASE Milano

Blur searches for a flexible and permeable border.

The installation for Nomad Design examines in depht the rules that characterize the creation of a temporary space. The definition of a limit plays a primary role in this process; the perception of the border allows us to recognize the belonging to a community or to define our own living space.

In the age of new nomadism, the definition of the workspace or living space is light and adjustable. This reflection led us to conceive the exhibit design for “Nomad Design”.

Blur translates this need in terms of space:the fabric walls outline a multifunctional space, but opens the possibility of rapidly changing its nature. The constructive system, based on a composite pillar in fir morals and linen/silk fabrics, allows the structure to become a closed perimeter, a free wall, an exhibitor, a setting or an internal partition.

On display are works by Ricardo Freisleben Lacerda and André Pedrini, Imperfetto Siciliano, Analogique, Marta Monge, Libero Rutilo, Elena Bompani, Artègo, Rutopia, Modom Srl, Pietro Quintino Sella, Gerardo Osio, Cleo Maxime and Label NO-MADE, Teresa Palmieri, Hon Bodin, Emmy Polkamp, Daniel Durnin, Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prišmontas, Francesco Bombardi, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Dewi Brunet and Joynout


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BASE Milano




Milano Design Week 2017


Eleonora Guido, Giovanni Calaudi

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