Cabane 7L

Festival des Cabanes 2023 – French Academy in Rome

Cabane 7L
Festival des Cabanes 2023 – French Academy in Rome


For the second year since its inception in 2022, the Festival des Cabanes at Villa Medici returns for the entire summer of 2023. Temporary installations, micro-architectures, proto habitations: seven original creations of ‘cabanas’ will find space throughout the summer in the heart of the Villa Medici gardens. The 7 projects were designed especially for the festival by the architecture and design studios ArchiSculpteurs, Atelier CRAFT, Atelier Poem, Aurel Design Urbain, Nelson Wilmotte Architectes, Offset and Horizontal. Exhibited outdoors for four months, these structures offer the public a renewed experience of the Villa Medici gardens and invite us to rethink the theme of modular and sustainable living and our relationship with nature.  Throughout the summer, the ‘huts’ host various pedagogical workshops, readings, and yoga classes. Tuesday 27 June, the Nuit des Cabanes, is a highlight of the season, with a programme of artistic, musical, and literary performances involving artists and thinkers. 


Orizzontale has devised a project that takes place in two areas of the Villa Medici: on the outdoor forecourt, a reading room (“cabinet de lecture”) that welcomes visitors, and in the vestibule, the Librairie 7L, which presents a selection of works specially chosen for the festival. 

The reading room, installed on the entrance threshold of Villa Medici, is conceived as a suspended terrace, an invitation to change perspective. This habitable infrastructure expands the interior space of the Vestibule of Villa Medici, welcoming situations of conviviality and communicating with the city through exchanges of glances. In this temporary suspended terrace, ‘separation’ is interpreted not as a form of refuge and isolation, but to explore and interact with proximity: street life, the flows and habits that animate the public dimension of this part of the city.  The project takes its cue from the constant combination in the history, architecture of the Villa and its everyday life, a protected and introverted place in which to isolate oneself and watch, but at the same time very visible, due to its location and the cultural role of Villa Medici in continuous relationship with the city and the inhabitants of Rome. 


Librairie 7L presents a selection of fine books highlighting the interaction between architecture and nature. This selection explores the work of architects, artists, photographers and philosophers.

This autumn, the selection of books has been enriched by publications dedicated to cinema, echoing the Villa Medici Film Festival in September 2023.



installation, set-up, interior




June – October 2023


French Academy in Rome

Fabrication, production, and assemblage

Handle Art&Design Exhibition

With the support of


Technical Sponsor

Serge Ferrari


14 x 2,70 x H 6,75 m


Viale della Trinità dei Monti, 1, Roma


AFR, Elisa Scapicchio, Margherita Nuti e Daniele Molajoli

Photo drone

Lorenzo Pensa

installations, installations, interior, interior