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After the CENTO workshop on the occasion of the centenary of the Faculty of Architecture at La Sapienza in Rome, the collaboration with the collective AIM – Architettura In Mobilitazione, Professor Alfonso Giancotti and Faculty Dean Orazio Carpenzano continues for CENTOUNO.

Together with the students and two artisans, CENTOUNO transforms the inner courtyard of the Valle Giulia faculty over a week.

This space has been through many interventions layered over time and is no longer able to accommodate the different habits the many students enliven the faculty during breaks or study time.

The project aims to reunite the space of the courtyard divided into different elevations, through a minimal intervention in which simple structures in metal frames and timber cling to the existing, multiplying the relational surfaces of the space.

A large semicircular structure sits in the centre and connects the space under the canopy with the highest elevation of the courtyard. This out-of-scale element, thanks to the removal of the glass dividing panels, overcomes the height difference and allows for different uses, functioning as a table, a seat, a stage…


The new structures, together with the removal of the metal handrail, then reused within the project, connect the entire courtyard space, and transform the present superfetations into a system of furniture for the faculty.

The addition of two large planters, the use of painted iron and wood, and two tables with benches contribute to restoring a new aesthetic to the courtyard, transforming it into a convivial place, while delicately fitting into the space strongly characterised by Del Debbio’s intervention and successive extensions.

The CENTOUNO workshop aims to consolidate the active participation of students in the construction of the spaces of their faculty so that they can practice architecture through the transformation and care of places.




building workshop




October 2022


Sapienza University of Rome


100 sqm


Valle Giulia, via Gramsci 53


Carmelo Battaglia

In collaboration with

Piericolato, Bambusa

installations, installations, workshop, workshop