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KIUI Project - Public Act #1
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KIUI Project – Public Act #1

First workshop of KIUI project (Kit for Instant Urban Interaction) focused on tactics for green urban regeneration, guerilla gardening and community gardens.

While planners and entrepreneurs get rid of parks and former green areas to make space for condos and shopping malls, in every city around Europe the emergence of self-managed urban gardens and community places embodies one of the most sparkling answers to the disappearance of relational urban spaces.

The aim of this first lab/meeting was to gather the main ideas of this movement in the Rome area, and to discuss openly the strategies and meanings of these specific re-appropriation and re-activation practices.

The event began with a performance at the pedestrian bridge of the Pigneto neighbourhood, temporarily transformed into a “green carpet” to host a plants parade. These plants have since been donated to the new, self-managed garden in Via Castruccio Castracane, in which the rest of the initiative has been hosted.




workshop/round table




November 2011


self production founded with support from the European Commision


Pigneto, Roma


Francesco Natalucci