FAW – Frontignano Art Walks

FAW – Frontignano Art Walks


From April to October 2022, Frontignano hosted a thinking and production space for the construction of four installations (two fixed, one mobile, one natural), in stimulation of the post-earthquake material process. This is the beginning of an incremental artistic system that we intend to enrich in the future.

The construction, coordinated by orizzontale and C.A.S.A. involved local artisans and the spontaneous participation of inhabitants and curious people, using local or recycled materials from the warehouses of the Municipality of Ussita and from private properties.


The works/installations compose a walkable itinerary that intersects with the guida Nonturismo di Ussita, passing through homes, forests and panoramic views, crossing water springs, ancient trees, decommissioned ski lifts and old fountains, bringing nature and culture, landscape and history into dialogue.



The wooded section of trail 272 leading to the Bove Valley, at the height of Acqua Friddula, is a place to enjoy the wonders of the place. The installation does not intend to alter this immersive experience but rather to amplify it, stimulating a contemplation in which the senses are awakened and shaked. Through a number of stations built out of scrap wood, with the collaboration of the historic Reversi family of blacksmiths, it is possible to get in touch with nature by listening to the sound of water, the chirping of birds, breathing in the smells of the underbrush and pine resin, observing the beauty of Mount Bove and the vegetation, immersed in a kaleidoscope of views and sensations. To be experienced in solitude.



Water has always been a source of life, a place around which it has always been organized. But times change and we have to deal with it. The fountain, originally for the use of herds and shepherds, has been abandoned due to progressive anthropization. The work seeks to renew this space again but without bringing back water, recognizing a present in water emergency, to give new life to a human-nature cohabitation: no longer the centrality of the human being in the exploitation of resources, but a new interspeciesist relationship between the different inhabitants of these places that will slowly arrive thanks to the creation of an insect-hotel. During the IT.A.CÀ festival this space has already hosted a reading curated by poetess Renata Morrisi: the fountain wants to be a point of meeting, reading, observation, refreshment and relationship between different beings, in which care and mutual differences will be able to find new forms and balances.



This is a mobile and modular work, assembled, disassembled, used, transported continuously, depending on the use that the community of Ussita and the users of the spaces of C.A.S.A. will want to make of it. Starting from a perspective of re-establishing relationships, the work is composed of three main elements: tops, trestles and seats, coming to compose a space of more than 16 meters for moments of conviviality, but also a circular arrangement for meetings and assemblies, or benches for independent study and work. Constructed in a two-day collective workshop and thanks to the intervention of illustrator Lorenzo Bartolucci, on its surfaces you can discover some of the elements that characterize life in the Sibillini Mountains, such as animals, plants and objects, in turn in composition with each other. We can’t tell you where it will be by the time you are here, but if you stop by C.A.S.A. you can certainly discover some of the elements.



lo stato dei Luoghi Alti / performance coordinated by Effetto Larsen was accompanied by the ephemeral construction of an open-air amphitheater. A pile of cut logs, material in waiting and a camouflaged presence in relation to the surrounding context, is set in motion by the audience, through discreet and collaborative action, to chorally form an organic and provisional audience. The backdrop behind these actions is the landscape of the Sibillini Mountains, with the Bove-Vettore fault line: the forces-anthropic and geological-that shake these lands are in constant motion, searching for a new possible dialogue. Portions of logs served the actors as positioning and pedestal from which to tell stories about inhabiting the terre alte.




FAW from Matteo Giacchella on Vimeo.


installation, landscape, workshop




January – October 2022


Sineglossa, C.A.S.A., BAM Strategie culturali


Comune di Frontignano, Regione Marche


Frontignano di Ussita (MC)


Matteo Giacchella,Mauro Pennacchietti, orizzontale


Lorenzo Bartolucci


Giuseppe Riccioni

Workshop Participants

Lorenzo Malloni, Roberto Viale, Roberto Rettura, Chiara Caporicci, Marta Zarelli, Patrizia Vita

installations, installations, workshop, workshop