Altrove festival 2016

Altrove festival 2016

In the context of the third edition of Altrove festival, we realized FRAME, a set up for the cloister of San Giovanni in Catanzaro monumental complex, in which the most relevant events of the festival occurred.

“Frame” is a modular structure that develops organically into the space of the cloister, thanks to its expandability on the x-y-z axes. As a living organism, it invades, climbs, expands from the ground floor to the balcony, enhancing the verticality of the space.

The project, beyond its abstract matrix, relates with the space without masking it. Its lightness and permeability allow to feel the original space, however transforming completely the perception of the place during the festival.

The work is made entirely of wooden sections 4x4cm. Through the repetition of the basic module 50x50cm, it was possible to create a stage, a bar, two stands and three chilling areas, two in the cloister and one on the terrace.

The replicability of the module allowed us to control all the variations in progress, giving us the ability to adjust the project on site, adapting it organically to the pre-existence.



interior - setting




June 2016


Altrove Festival


Complesso monumenatle del San Giovanni, Catanzaro, Italy


Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz, Marco Soderini, Fabrizio Sanseverino e orizzontale

installations, interior