We Make City 2021 - The Next City

We Make City 2021 – The Next City 


What are the desires to rebuild in the post-pandemic city?

With this question, We Make City 2021 – The Next City opens.


In this second edition of the festival, the Blam collective has extended the project to the entire city of Salerno with the idea of formulating a proposal for medium- and long-term temporary use strategies. The project site, proposed by the informal grouping coordinated by Andrea Passaro and Luigi Calabrese, is a former soccer field in the Europa district that is now unused and represents a huge urban void. The idea was to begin a process of reappropriation with the aim of returning a flexible space available to all. 


From the collaborative design process, developed through active listening to the inhabitants and the summer school in collaboration with Zapoi, the architectural design took shape in a wave, a playground, a pulpit, a marketplace but also a stage and co-managed social gardens and biodiversity areas. 


The structure represents a landmark and a privileged vantage point from which to reappropriate an abandoned public space, first with a collective awareness of the potential of this interdicted public asset for use. 


The process to open the space is still ongoing. With this first intervention we demonstrated that in a short time, through a functional paradigm shift, a waiting space can be returned to new collective uses.



installation, public space, workshop




July 2021


Blam strategie adattive

Institutional Partner

Regione Campania – Direzione Generale Governo del Territorio, Comune di Salerno, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Dipartimento di Architettura dell’Università di Napoli Federico II – Diarc, Osservatorio Politiche Sociali dell’Università di Salerno, Fondazione Comunità Salernitana


2000 sqm


Europa neighbourhood, Salerno


Vicky Solli

Photo drone

Nicola Paternuosto


Parrocchia del Gesù Redentore

In collaboration with

Zapoi Collective

Workshop Participants

Andrea Passaro, Aura Veneziano, Caterina Secchi, Giorgia Guadagno, Ilaria Barletta, Lucrezia Guadagno, Luigi Calabrese, Marianna Mento, Nicola Paternuosto, Simonpietro Clericetti, Valentina Buono

installations, installations, publicspace, publicspace, workshop, workshop