Perestrello 4.0

Perestrello 4.0


“Perestrello 4.0” project it’s the fifth phase of an on-going experimental research process started in 2010 in Roma by orizzontale, about the reactivation of forgotten public spaces and community empowerment, through design and public art. The project is promoted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Education and Cultural in collaboration with the “Municipio di Roma V”.
“L’Argo- Perestrello 4.0” was developed by an interdisciplinary research group between orizzontale, the association of social psychologists and art curators NOEO, the creative multidisciplinary study No-Rocket.
Within the winter program, a workshop was held within the Public Space Biennial of Rome, in which RAUM Utrecht, CheFare – Civic Media Art participated. The workshop consisted of an open dialogue on the methodologies of action for the public space of three cities compared: Utrecht, Milan and Rome.

“L’Argo- Perestrello 4.0” was created in June, in a week of open construction.
After the dissolution of “Iceberg”, the story continues with the collective construction of a boat-shaped structure, a symbol of the absence of boundaries between the public space and the community that exists around the square.
The graphics were developed by No-Rocket during the construction workshop to give shape to the melting of the ice transformed into a sea in Marranella.


workshop, public space




giugno 2019


Roma, Italia


Nicola Barbuto

In collaboration with

Noeo, No-Rocket

Istitutional partners:

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Education and Cultural Affairs, Municipio di Roma 5

installations, publicspace, workshop