Monowe – The City Museum

Ludovica Carbotta - Premio MAXXI 2016

Monowe – The City Museum
Ludovica Carbotta – Premio MAXXI 2016

In the context of “Premio MAXXI 2016” we have collaborated with the artist Ludovica Carbotta for the detailed design and construction of her Monowe’s Museum.

Monowe is the name of an imaginary city of the future, which is designed for one person only. Her intention consists in bringing to excess the contemporary condition of self-isolation and relationship with automatized systems in nowadays societies. In particular, the artist explores what she defines fictional site specificity, or a form of interaction between physical place and imaginary territory.

The design idea was simple, to intersect the structure of MAXXI museum with the shape of the former preexisting buildings of Montello barracks. The result is a place suspended in time, not a place of the present neither of the future and of the past.

The structure consists of white varnished wooden frames and shrinkable plastic foils applied on it. The space is divided in a little gallery and a distribution area to allow the passage. The structure presents a jagged plastic roof on top.

The museum consists of 43 pieces, this allows to assemble and disassemble it in few hours. During the first assembling in the museum we were supported by the company HandleArt.

Finally, we would just like to compliment Ludovica Carbotta for her ambitious project,working with her was a real pleasure for us.


Fondazione MAXXI


MAXXI museum, Rome (Italy)


September 2016 - January 2017


Musacchio & Ianniello, Fondazione MAXXI e Ludovica Carbotta