Perestrello in festa

Perestrello 2.0

Perestrello in festa
Perestrello 2.0

Perestrello 2.0 is an experimental lab: its goal is to reactivate urban voids by turning them into usable public spaces. Through several different processes carried out from November 2010 until Spring 2011, Orizzontale set out to give a new life to some “lost objects” that crowd the cities. We talk about “lost objects” on different scales: from the physical space – the urban voids – to the material and the objects we used as primary source for our work. But, in a figurative way, we see as “lost objects” also the uncertain and frayed relationships that mark our neighborhoods and even lost or forgotten ideas, such as the idea of a common space. Orizzontale aimed with Perestrello 2.0 to link together all these pieces of urban waste in a positive synergy, in order to create an open process that gives new meanings and fresh shapes for each one of them, listening to and incorporating the ideas of the inhabitants. Maintaining a continuity with his first project (Le Orecchie di Giussano), Orizzontale kept up with the research about the possibility of building up a Common Place. Going back to the place of our last intervention, Piazza Perestrello (WorkWatching), we turned the area into an auto-construction laboratory where the inhabitants could built their Piazza Perestrello with unique urban design furniture able to be freely moved within the space: each person being able to choose his own arrangement. This is Perestrello 2.0!



workshop/public space




May 2011


self production


Pigneto, Roma