“E facciamolo, un giardino!”

“E facciamolo, un giardino!”

Giardino Ammirato is promoted by Association Admired Culture House, a project curated by Construct Lab with the support of Musagetes Foundation.


With the motto of ” And let’s do it , a garden ! ” from May 21th to June 4th 2016 a small park has been redesigned at the intersection of the public Via Pettorano and Via D’Annunzio , adjacent to the headquarters of Admired Culture House and an integral part of the design historic structure. The project since its earliest stages of conception and design was shared by neighbors , citizens associations, interested persons to maintain and care green areas , and greater use of public spaces.
The proposed architectural intervention is a temporary , mobile and lightweight structure, a mechanism for the reception of different proposals and at the same time a mobile site for apprenticeship, an open-air school and a platform for the meeting.

Twins is a project of orizzontale realized under invitation of Consctructlab for Ammirato Culture House from May 28th to June 1th 2016.



The project is part of an extensive program proposed by Construct Lab for Giardino Ammirato. We worked on the teme of entrance, a signal for neighbors to get in touch with the new space and activities in the pubblic garden of Ammirato.


Together with Constructlab we decided to work with the superposition of light architectural elements.


The structures simulate the buttresses of the historic walls. Two obelisks , temporary monumental structures stuck to the existing concrete benches forming a prospective entrance to the new garden, at the same time working on the edge of the square to set it up as a space suitable to accommodate future events and transformations.


Thanks to ConstructLab and to all have made ​​all this possible and have received us so well. Viva Giardino Ammirato!


Go to visit our friends of  Ammirato Culture House , great people . Give it a try!

Further information and updates on this project on the web site of the association Ammirato Culture House.


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May 2014


Ammirato Culture House


Giardino Ammirato, Lecce, Italia


Eliana Manca

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