XXL38. Stories beyond numbers

Premio Creative Living Lab

XXL38. Stories beyond numbers
Creative Living Lab Prize


XXL38. Storie oltre i numeri (Stories beyond numbers) is among the winning proposals of the Creative Living Lab 2020 Award, promoted by the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of MiBACT. The project, curated by Gaia Morrione and supervised by Stefano Catucci (Department of Architecture and Design of Sapienza University), involves orizzontale, the theater company Cuocolo/Bosetti IRAA Theatre, Nicolò Bassetti (author of the book and movie Sacro GRA), the Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research (IRPS), ATER and a series of subjects that have been working for years and in different ways within the territory of Laurentino 38: School Domenico Bernardini, Pontedincontro Onlus association, Comunità di Sant’Egidio, Consiglio di Quartiere Laurentino Fonte Ostiense and Gruppo Territorio Ambiente of the IX Municipio of Rome.


Two are the main actions of the project: a dramatization of the stories collected during the months of exploration and knowledge of the realities of the neighborhood, performed by Cuocolo/Bosetti IRAA Theatre, and the temporary reactivation of one of the 16 gatehouses located at the bottom of the Laurentino’s bridges. The project presentation day, according to the timing dictated by the announcement, coincides with Carnival week, a moment in which every year the neighborhood schools organize a large parade along the axis of Via Silone. The event provides an opportunity to involve children and residents in designing a new face for the small gatehouses. The shape, proportions and the small size of these artifacts stimulate the imagination, transforming the gatehouses into temporary masks: the attempt is to form a new identity through a drawing session with the school and a DIY workshop with the associations Ponteppì & Pontedincontro.


The Walk Laurentino, a traveling performance that runs through a path within the area, guides the audience to the gatehouse in question.


The project highlights the Laurentino’s gatehouses, spaces never completed in the great architectural system of the neighborhood. Like a beacon, the gatehouse shines and projects stories it has silently observed. It wakes up, opens its eyes, assumes a new identity, harbinger of new functions. The light is a communicative medium that recurs in the use of luminescent paint, used to “draw with light” graffiti, thoughts, stories and messages, in a never-ending overwriting that invites people’s participation. In collaboration with the local community and starting from the observation of existing elements, small pieces of furniture are created for the use of the neighborhood.







February 2020

Funded by

MiBACT - General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity


Laurentino 38


Andrea De Sanctis, Daniele Frediani, orizzontale

In collaboration with

ATER, Stefano Catucci, Gaia Morrione, Nicolò Bassetti, Cuocolo/Bosetti IRAA Theatre, Pontedincontro onlus, Istituto Comprensivo D.Bernardini, WellSee srl