YAM Botanical Garden of Rome

Orto Botanico di Roma

Botanical Garden of Rome


For the first time the Botanical Garden of Rome assigns a space for a bar, open during weekends and the summer season.


The site, located next to the entrance of Largo Cristina di Svezia, is organized around a large Lebanon cedar and is bordered by a variety of essences, which reveal in the background the courtyard of Palazzo Corsini.


The concession for commercial purposes enables the placement of a food truck and the setup of the surrounding area through light and removable structures. The idea is to create a chilling area available even when the small bar, housed inside an old caravan, is closed. A space for games, for encounters, for leisure, for parties and workshops, a space for events, talks and concerts.


The setting is configured as an archipelago of platforms on which tables and chairs are freely arranged. The structures, made of fir wood, have rounded shapes and are placed at different heights, stimulating the game and the open fruition.


In this system of platforms a large social table unwinds sinuously, composed of four segments that can be joined together to form different figures.  The structure is made of varnished iron frames holding up the top and the seats made of okumè plywood with a transparent finish.


open air cafè




March-June 2021


2 MM srl


450 mq


Orto Botanico di Roma


Alessandro Vitali

In collaboration with

Matteo Iori, Rub Kandy (visual identity and graphics)

installations, interior