KIUI project on “Alterarchitectures Manifesto”

KIUIproject will be the orizzontale‘s contribute for “Alterarchitectures Manifesto“, a publication of Undercostruction – Observatory of innovative architectural and urban processes in Europe

Alterarchitectures is the first publication of Underconstructions, European observatory of innovative architectural and urban processes. The title is a reflection of other ways to construct the city. Indeed, the innovative experiments constitute isolated occurrences, but seen together, their sum testifies of the existence of a veritable movement on the European scale and beyond.

“Pump up housing, city creates city, Aunt Bertha’s cabin, Think Tight!, Asking architecture, When people take charge, Athens by exception, Gradient how to monitor teen text message apps fields, Place au Changement, Un plus un, Petites Urbanités Libres, KIUI …,” to randomly mention a selection of projects, set the tone! It is the written projects of various authors that are to be edified here. The objective of these authors is not to respond to a dispositive, but to a situation, to the inhabitants, to different temporalities, practices, desires… Experimental perspectives produce exceptional results; induce rules specifically adapted to situations, to geographies, to moments in lifetimes….

Editors: Thierry Paquot, Yvette Masson-Zanussi, and Marco Stathopoulos

Published by Eterotopia (Italy), Infolio (France)

Contributions: Thierry Paquot, Alberto Magnaghi, Lucien Kroll, Winy Maas, Patrick Bouchain, Bart Lootsma, Dus, Supertanker, Christian Reder, wonderland, Collectif etc, Orizzontale…

Partners: EFAP, wonderland platform for european architecture, Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine

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