Orizzontale flies to Barcelona

KIUI project รจ stato selezionato per partecipare all’edizione 2013 del festival di architettura EME3 a Barcellona, dal tema “TOPIAS, Utopias becoming real”; saremo in Spagna dal 27 al 30 Giugno!

KIUI project has been selected to take part in the 2013 edition of the architectural festival EME3 in Barcelona, with theme “TOPIAS, Utopias becoming real; we will be in Spain from the 27th to the 30th of June!

About EME3:

Eme3 was born in 1999 in response to the need to find a space for architects, urbanists and artist from different disciplines, where they could meet and present innovative and unconventional projects that went beyond common trends in urban planning and construction. It was the volumetric concept, the measure unit in cubic meters that gave it the name.

Although the socials parameters and context have greatly changed since then, eme3 still operates as an opportunity and platform for the presentation and exchange of ideas.

Eme3 has become a forum and facilitator for interaction and a shuttle of proposals that in a retrospective sense can be fully defined as avant-garde architecture.

With architecture as the starting point, and the combination of both art and design, eme3 brings together the new producers of emergent architectures in a space for experimentation, display and debate. Eme3 generates projects that take shape in different formats (installations, urban projects, workshops, lectures, discussions and audiovisual projections) and locations, through the continuous program, eme3_on, as well as the annual encounter, eme3_festival.

As a think-tank, eme3 provides the participant with a physical and interactive space to interact and share his ideas, as well as the possibility for the visitor to discover a different architecture yet close to the real and current problems in society, bringing an optimistic perspective.

All the material generated during and for eme3 remains registered and will be available through the web and the catalog of each edition.


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