Within exhibitions, festivals or reactivation projects, we inhabit spaces through our installations. The aim of these urban machines is to produce a collective imagination, to stimulate debates and reflections and to encourage interaction. Therefore we aim to involve inhabitants in redefining the use and configuration of contemporary public space. In our process we often use an urban storytelling as the incipit of a new urban story: the ultimate goal is the creation of a social and cultural identity, on which to base the processes of urban transformation.

Temporary architecture allows us to explore unknown territories: we believe that ephemeral goes far beyond the meaning of short duration, it triggers a semantic stratification processes that transform the space into common place.

Our architectures are mobile, unstable, provisional, dynamic. Strange vehicles that open-up uncovering instant squares, temporary structures that get reorganized according to specific needs, peculiar buildings that can be assembled and disassembled in few hours, urban readymades. Some of these works arise on the same site where others just disappeared, giving birth to chains and creating a public space in progress, evolving, always uncompleted. They are, literally, «provisional constructions», built to supply a specific need and intended to be dismantled and replaced by something else. At the same time, however, they are «provident constructions», able to see beyond their temporary utility and to imagine the place they occupy after their own disappearance.