orizzontale @ Festa Architetto 2019

On Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November we will be in Ca ‘Giustinian, home of the Venice Biennale, for the 2019 Architect’s Day organized by the National Council of Architects, Landscape Planners and Conservators

The “Italian Architect” and “Young Talent of Italian Architecture” prizes will be awarded. Orizzontale was part of the jury together with #WinyMaas (MVRDV) as president, #FrancoRaggi, #FrancescoMagnani (#MAPStudio), #PartiziaSini and #AlessandraFerrari (CNAPPC)

The event will be attended by #PaoloBaratta honorary architect and President of the Venice Biennale, #GiuseppeCappochin President of the Italian architects, #GiovanniMariaFlick emeritus President of the Constitutional Court, #PaoloVecchiato neuroscientist of the #CNR, #WinyMaas founder of the MVRDV studio and director of the Domus magazine 2019

Participation in the event will entitle you to 5 c.f.p. for the day of Friday 15 November, 2 c.f.p. for the day of Saturday 16 November