Outdoor festival – Opening

HERITAGE – Art pavilion
exhibit design by orizzontale

14 april – 6 PM
Mattatoio Testaccio, Rome, Italy


Heritage is the central topic of the 2018 edition of the outdoor festival, taking place from April 14th to May 12th at Mattatoio Testaccio in Rome. Pop Culture as a mix of international trends, mass media and social networks will be the main focus that will place emphasis on the individual and its choices. Starting form this concept the festival will offer a multiple vision of heritage based on a mix of Art, Music, Television and a special section such as Lectures and Market.

Within the frame of the festival, orizzontale is pleased to present the design project for the urban art exhibition.The theme of the maze, leit motiv of the exhibit design project, turns in spatial terms the non-linear and rhapsodic path of contemporary heritage: an active path, sprinkled with crossroads, awarenesses and choices.

Following the metaphor, the exhibition proposes different trails and settings, which reflect the heterogeneity of the artistic proposal: the visitor will be constantly asked to make a choice, to define his own point of observation.
A Great Maze, multiplier of spaces and experiences, where the aim won’t be to find the exit, but rather to loose yourself, following your own path.



Outdoor Festival 2018 ~ Heritage ~ Opening
8th Edition | 14 april – 12 may
Mattatoio Testaccio | www.out-door.it


Outdoor is a nufactory project born in 2010 with the aim of contributing to the change of the social fabric of the city, through cultural actions able to deeply mark the habits of those who live in Rome. Outdoor is the expression of a contemporary generation, which states its roots on the territory and opens it to international influences, in an open dialogue with the metropolitan ferments of the whole world.