40 anni di LAV

40 anni di LAV

Orizzontale for the fortieth anniversary of the association Lega Anti Vivisezione has conceived and arranged the setting for the exhibition “40 years of LAV”, held inside the spaces of Palazzo Santa Chiara in Rome. After the first event in Rome the exhibition will travel to other cities and for this reason the layout was first based on criteria of lightness, economy of space and materials, ease of assembly.

The corpus of the exhibition collects and organizes original and re-edited materials related to the long path of this organization, from the beginning to the latest conquests, into a sort of great narration organized by themes (“Rights and Justice”, “Good Practices”, “Animal Power”).

Then we constructed a structure that works as a sort of large habitable pinboard, consisting of single modules that, connected to each other, create different rooms or figures.

First we have produced simple modular elements: wood frames,  each consisting in two shaped elements and four horizontal rods, fixed in pairs by bolts to the main vertical components. Modules are connected by hinges and overlapped through iron joints (simple tubular sections of 50x25x100 mm dimension); this system makes possible to assemble them in endless configurations. Lastly, a polyester string tightens up and “sews” the whole structure, working at the same time like a fil rouge (or rather, orange!) that crosses and holds together testimonies, experiences and contributions of the last forty years since the foundation of LAV .


exhibit design




june 2017


Lega Anti Vivisezione


Palazzo Santa Chiara, Rome, Italy


Matteo de Mayda

in collaboration with

Matteo de Mayda, Fabrizio Urettini

installations, interior