Chiasma 812926



Chiasma#812926 is the second edition of the intensive design and construction workshop organized by Acropoli a university association, born in the autumn of 2016 by a group of students from Structural Engineering-Architecture faculty of Trento.

The participants had the opportunity to confront the themes of architecture and urban regeneration, designing and creating a place that would stimulate social interaction between the space of Impact Hub Trento, the adjacent Le Albere district and the Fratelli Michielin park .


The outcome of the workshop was the result of the participants’ work and of our collaboration with Campomarzio studio, the German practice Fakt, Acropoli association and the architect and professor Sara Favargiotti. Besides the design and construction activities have been enriched with the interventions of various professionals supporting the training. The materials available were wood, vines, earth and plants.

“The project incorporates the concept of the ancient Circus Maximus, transforming the parking area into a central celebratory space, making it an oasis of shade with urban furniture and greenery, but above all a space for social interaction. The new symbols then become the three monuments inside the “circus”: the ‘Rotonda’, a shelter shaded by an old parachute, the ‘Obelisk’, a landmark / observatory towards the city, the ‘Wheelbarrow’, a sitting transportable garden. ”


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Impact Hub Trento


Francesca Dusini dell’Uva, Acropoli

In collaboration with

Acropoli, Studio Fakt, Campomarzio

With the support of

Provincia Autonoma di Trento, TAUT and Politiche Giovanili Trento, Università di Trento


Itas Assicurazioni, XLam Dolomiti, Rothoblaas, Azienda Agricola Priola Pier Luigi, Paolo Picchi, ProM Facility | Polo Meccatronica

Workshop participants

Anna Antolini, Martina Bertè, Vladut Constandoiu, Elisabetta Fabroni, Valentina Ferri, Damiano Filippini, Elena Rangoni Gargano, Luca Luini, Mario Martinis, Chiara Meriano, Berk Ozturk, Erica Poli, Angela Taufer, Marika Tomasi, Elisa Zatta

installations, publicspace, workshop