Temporary public space

Spazio Pubblico Temporaneo


Cittadella is not only the result of a design assignment but above all the realisation of a mutual collaboration between Transurban and Orizzontale based on a common vision: The Rochdale Barracks parade ground, never open to the public and now in the middle of an acquisition process by the City of Bielefeld, was to be transformed into a communal place, a ‘human scale’ square to accommodate different socio-cultural uses with the direct involvement of cultural operators and neighbourhood residents.


The project and the cultural programme of activities were built through an open system of collaboration and collaborative planning during a month-long residency, the participation of Theaterwerkstatt Bethel was very important to us. The work aimed to open up Rochdale through temporary use activities pending longer-term urban developments. To this end, construction was a key tool in fostering the experience of confrontation and design in space. Numerous volunteers from Brazil, Lebanon, France, England, Italy and Germany participated in the construction. This relational structure, of living and working together, transformed the process of building the space into an experience of collaborative creation where the architect is not only a technician but also an artist and craftsman, as well as a mentor and mediator.


Cittadella is a temporary structure, representing a new landmark recognisable to the citizens and a symbol of the change of the Barracks from a closed place to a public space available to all.


Cittadella will be installed for the next two years providing a minimum infrastructure for the temporary use of the space, it will then be dismantled to make way for the forthcoming transformation of the final public Rochdale Barracks.



public space




Bielefeld, DE


Miriam Juschkat, Philip Fröhlich, Florian Yeh

Drone Photo

Florian Yeh

Designed and coordinated by

orizzontale, Transurban

Supported by

Bielefeld Municipality

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Residency participants

David Biegel, Lorenzo Mores, Luigi Filippo Sanseverino, Marie-Eve Millasseau, Martina Del Ben, Leticia Pacheco, Ramy Abi Antoun, Joe Duglas, Hanna Brueckner, Noa Lelieur, Marie Trémolières, Emma Kortstegge, Georg Barringaus, Kevin Paterka, Olga Funk, Philip Fröhlich, Miriam Juschkat, Jannis Schiefer, Matthias Gräßlin, Stefan Klink, Michael Kellersmann, Margrit Miebach, Michael Jurgens, Markus Butkereit, Laura Kölker, Kerstin Große-Wöhrmann, Lukas kreuzer

installations, publicspace, workshop