In Salento, the lightings in occasion of festivals become art. Here, the tradition of ‘Luminaria’ (traditional lighting) is ancient and craftsmanship is still strongly active and leader in the field. Effimero is a research and experimentation laboratory that aimed to discover the themes and techniques of tradition in order to then propose two prototypes to be integrated into more complex installations, included in the regeneration of the San Cataldo seafront. The workshop took place during the IAHsummer2018 festival thanks to the support and experience of Torquato Parisi, from Fratelli Parisi company.


“Sparkling sea” rethinks the traditional concept of ‘Luminaria’. In the past the luminaria lightings reproduced the elements of the city, the façades of the churches, the naves, the soundboxes; the intention of the new project is to reinterpret the key elements of the San Cataldo landscape, such as the pinewood, the sea or the lighthouse, through the luminaria lighting. The seafront has been regenerated by a series of installations that choose the pier and breakwaters as a stage and integrate themselves into the coastal landscape. The coast is propped up with new lighthouses, whose light and whose drawings are amplified and infinitely reflected by the water; a waterfront re-thought to a level even close to the coast, which is visible from the beach and the sea. The prototype created during the IAHsummer18 workshop chooses the sea and its waves as its theme.


Also the second project of Effimero lab “splinted lumen” starts from tradition, but in a different way; it tries with a theme that already exists in the experiences of the past, the rose window, but composes it in an unconventional way. The Basilica of Santa Croce’ rose window was the starting point. The concept imagines a rose window that falls and breaks into different pieces; each fragment creates a layer and re-reads the initial design only by overlapping light levels. It is also possible to compose the fragments in a different way to create as many scenarios; if positioned at different distances from each other, on the ground or suspended, they create tridimensional light effects; if assembled they form sculptural luminous bodies, different from the traditional two-dimensional luminary. The realized prototype is made of three assembled levels and creates a tridimensional lighting; it has been used to enlighten a stage during a music performance, becoming center of attention and not only background.







agosto 2018


Associazione Culturale "Archistart"


Lecce, Italia


Luca Capparelli, Archistart, Orizzontale

Workshop participants

Silvia Barletta, Gaia Buscemi, Alice Capdemourlin, Arianna Comotto, Anna Conserva, Marta Fazzino, Dimitri Karanasios, Georgia Karatzoglou, Silvana Paja, Lorenzo Recchioni, Fox Wong

installations, workshop