Lampada 8 ½

Lampada 8 ½

8 ½ is a versatile lighting module self produced by orizzontale. Without hierarchy, it is a lamp, a stool and a coffee table.

8 ½ is also the name of the winning installation of YAP MAXXI 2014: a mobile theatre with 312 light modules created reusing plastic beer kegs. After dismantling 8 ½, the upcycle process continues with the creation of design objects.

The structure (50x50x50 cm) is made of solid fir wood. The lamp and the anchoring system reuse original pieces of 8 ½, while the lamp system has been developed by modifying the original cap of the beer keg and by adding a wiring certified by Creative-cables.
The price is € 200.00 excluding shipping.



50x50x50 cm

Electric cable



Sebson E14 3W LED filamento