In nature, we easily find the circle, it is enough to throw a stone into calm water. The sphere is born, spontaneously, in the soap bubbles. A tree trunk section shows growth rings. A circle drawn by hand proved Giotto’s skill. The first thing a child draws resembles the circle. People spontaneously arrange themselves in a circle when they have to observe something closely, provoking the birth of the arena, the circus, the stock market.” (Bruno Munari)


Lugo’s central square is a monumental space where history’s layering has composed a strong and stable image. At the same time, this wide, tidy and measurable space is continually crossed by discontinuous, changing and unpredictable flows. Within the dialectic between a predetermined urban context and the intangible transformation of collective spaces, ephemeral architecture, both instantaneous and transitory, finds new actuality and new forms of expression.

The experience of Lunette in the summer of 2021 has shown, through micro-architecture, the potential of a space deemed to be a result and the power of temporary architecture in modifying the perception of places as well as the relationships among its inhabitants.

In 2022 a new installation inhabits the space near the Rocca Estense, thus consolidating a tradition and at the same time renewing the experience. The space occupied from dot becomes a circle, in order to be a place where citizens can meet, play, plan events and activities.

In nomadic architectures, the circle is the first form used to identify a place: a founding act and at the same time an ephemeral gesture, where presence although transitory often leaves traces. Similarly, LuOgo temporarily inhabits the lawn of Martyrs’ Square becoming a new centrality within the square.


The realization, which lasted less than a week (June 18-23), was done through a participatory workshop open to residents, students and young professionals, with 15 participants selected by CASABELLAformazione. Simple and functional modules, making the building site easily accessible to all, are juxtaposed to define a unitary but heterogeneous architecture, where different uses find space alongside one another. Enriched with steps, swings, slides and loungers, the wooden perimeter structure is appropriately equipped with LED lighting and screened by shade cloths and wire mesh covered with climbing plants, to form a rhythm in the visual score and an intangible protective filter between inside and outside. The great flexibility of the modular system allows for infinite configurations, leaving room for the unexpected that arises from the interaction between people.


An example of an unexpected spin-off arises from the story of the Rocca’s capers: we find out that in Lugo the Administration, and in particular the Deputy Mayor, is delegated to harvest capers. The harvested buds are pickled and given to guests of the municipality or wedding couples. However, after the harvesting carried out by the Administration, citizens are granted the “right of capping,” for harvesting up to human height. Along with the construction of LuOgo, a ladder was built that extended this right for a while!


LuOgo is a multifaceted space, a collected and public sphere at the same time, an open and permeable enclosure, a thin membrane describing a large open-air room.

Through these oppositions, apparent oxymorons that reveal new possible associations, the unexpected provides opportunities for confrontation and dialogue, suggesting free movements and creative uses of space. The programming that accompanies its presence is an opportunity for learning, entertainment and wonder for the entire community that is established around this LuOgo.


installation, public space, workshop




June – December 2022


Edilpiù s.r.l., ProViaggiArchitettura


Comune di Lugo, Regione Emilia Romagna


200 sqm


Lugo (RA)


Gianluca Gasperoni, orizzontale

Media partner



Quick Lighting, Ravaioli Legnami, Martini Legnami, Berner, Caravita Recinzioni, Margarita Costruzioni, Silla


David Biegl, Francesco Caneschi

Workshop participants

Davide Bergo, Beatrice Di Rosa, Martina Esposito, Anna Margini, Paola Meneghetti, Paul William Vatanamu, Elisa Valli

installations, installations, publicspace, publicspace, workshop, workshop