Piazza Mercato di BelMondo

Progetto temporaneo di urbanismo tattico

Piazza Mercato di BelMondo
Temporary, Tactical Urbanism Project


Welcome once again to BelMondo! 


During the week of Crossings 2022, a temporary intervention around the area of the fruit and vegetable market in the Marina of Belmonte Calabro initiated a vehicle infrastructure project that led to the creation of the Market Square. The construction period was accompanied by an intensive programme of events open to the community both in the market area and on the beach. Collectives, artists, researchers and university students from all over Europe collaborated in Crossings 2022. Together, we have thus inaugurated a new Market Square as a symbol of the growing community and returned to collective use a built and never realised space owned by the municipality of Belmonte Calabro.


The project was funded by the Erasmus+ call and the Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza. 


The BelMondo research project is in collaboration with London Metropolitan University.




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La Marina, Belmonte Calabro CS


Nicola Barbuto, Giulia Rosco

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Nicola Barbuto

Progetto e coordinamento

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Comune di Belmonte Calabro

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London Metropolitan University, Resolve Collective, Public Works, Collective ETC, Cheap, Art of the Working Class, Okra Studio, Dario Biancullo, Igino

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Daccapo Comunicazione, Art of The Working Class

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Itaka Training, Italia Patria della Bellezza

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