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IED Factory 2014

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IED Factory 2014

As an increasing number of factors are changing the meaning to community places, we can say that contemporary public spaces are in crisis. The answers to this issue are complex: traditional bureaucratic times evidence do not respond with a quick answer. In this scenario, DIY projects on 1:1 scale overwrite the existing urban fabric, wit the intention to add meaning and enrich public space with possible new uses. Since most of these projects for the are mobile and temporary, the use of recycled material becomes important in terms of environmental and economic sustainability. It also stimulates creativity and reduces standardization, imposing a particular substance and resiliency components to the design process.

We have held a building workshop with the students with the aim of promoting spontaneous actions in public spaces next to Via Alcamo and Via Casilina IED venues. During the workshop we developed three prototypes or “unique items”, designed as a mobile infrastructure for sharing and socializing in urban spaces. Participants in the workshop have been responsible for the design and construction of these objects under the guidance of Orizzontale members. The lab intended to be a playful building experience of a collective space.

Using recycled material we addressed a process where design and build overlaped in a continuous experimentation, dependent on the many possibilities that materials have offered.


university workshop




March 2014


IED - Istituto Europeo di Design


Via Alcamo, Roma