Stazione Sanba

Sanba 2014
Stazione Sanba
Sanba 2014

“A neglected area turned into a useful place for an imagination process. Architects were able to engage the participants through a clear and intelligent design idea: to create the SANBA station where the underground has not come yet. A new space has been create to meet and relax, built entirely out of wood. A space built by the citizens of the neighbourhood, an idea that hidden desires and hopes. A precise intention for the future.

SANBA is what happens when art meets a neighbourhood: working with its inhabitants, entering the schools and painting its walls. Sanba is public art and a desire to work together and fight for culture and beauty. Laboratories, painted buildings and a documentary film. SANBA is San Basilio. “

Simone Pallotta – SANBA curator



workshop - public space




April 2014


Walls - Arte urbana


orizzontale, Cristina Vatielli

In collaboration with

IISS J. von Neumann, Bocciofilo Ville di Roma

publicspace, workshop