Prossima Apertura!

Urban regeneration project in Toscanini district, Aprilia (LT)

Public presentation
Tuesday 26 March at 4.30 pm
Piazza della Comunità Europea, Aprilia

Prossima Apertura is an integrated and participative regeneration project dedicated to Piazza della Comunità Europea in Toscanini district of Aprilia, where architecture and social research collaborate in the construction of a shared sense of collective spaces. The idea starts from considering the “void” of the square as an urban element to be connected to the local surroundings, spaces and communities.

Prossima Apertura was in 2016 the winning proposal of the Competition of ideas for the redevelopment of ten peripheral urban areas, promoted by MiBAC and CNAPPC, and then it was led to the implementation phase by the Municipality of Aprilia.

On Tuesday 26th from 4.30 pm the final project will be presented on the balconies overlooking the future square and the imminent start of the building site will be announced.

Prossima Apertura is realized in collaboration with:
ADLM Architetti /

fb: @prossimaperturaprilia