We believe in open design processes, where the architectural project continually receives input, even after the start of construction.

For this reason we adopt the laboratory approach as a design strategy, thus trying to reduce the distance between the actors of the architectural process and hybridizing research, design and construction phases.

The open design process is complex and indeterminate. Residents, administrations, associations, architects, urban planners, activists, anyone who belongs to a specific area should be part of the process, each at the right time and the useful energy to participate, but with a common goal: to encourage new ways of using public space which makes it genuinely a common ground.

Therefore architectures need to change and adapt to the different conditions of each phases. During the construction workshop, as much as possible, we try to test the various uses of a public space; a complex task, but absolutely useful to discover the potential of a space. Sometimes the project works properly in the construction of the new space, otherwise it may not reach the set target. The workshop form allows us

to test the proposed solutions from the beginning, questioning in this way the infallibility of the project itself, which is continually contaminated by the multiple contributions deriving from the context.