Orto Mobile

DIY workshop

Orto Mobile
DIY workshop

Within the four days of “Coltivare RappOrti” (Growing Relationships), a project conceived and developed by the Bologna Collective Trame Urbane/Guerrilla Gardening, Orizzontale coordinated the building workshop of an urban mobile vegetable garden. Local promoters expressed the desire of reclaiming immediately the adjacent spaces of Spazio Pubblico XM 24 in Bolognina area, Northern outskirts of Bologna.

The area will be subject to an imminent urban scale redefinition; in fact, on the former fruit and vegetable market ashes will be developed a new complex unifying housing and services with a large green area that will act as a filter between the new building and the historic area of the popular Bolognina. It’s important to remember that this intervention, originally of a quite different kind, is born out of a citizens battle, gathered in a participatory urban planning laboratory, which still continues its work with great success. The core of the intervention will be stable community garden, managed by all the local associations.

Why then the immediate need of a mobile garden? Processes in such a large scale live by complex dynamics, while the desire of a shared space, mobile and adaptable to the changing situation of the area, is an immediate requirement.

To crown “Coltivare rappOrti”, which was the meeting and sharing point of italian and european experiences on urban community gardens, various associations and citizens rolled up their sleeves and full of enthusiasm and recycled material collected on the streets of Bologna, they have established a shared open-air laboratory, which has started working on the new social and urban fabric of Bolognina.







September 2011


Coltivare RppOrti




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